Geslaagd Engels

Wanneer iemand in je vriendenkring, kennissenkring of familie eindexamen heeft gedaan, afgereden heeft voor zijn of haar autorijbewijs of afgestudeerd is, dan is hij of zij dus geslaagd. Dat is wel een felicitatie waard. Iemand feliciteren omdat hij of zij geslaagd is, kan op vele manieren. Je kunt iemand die Engels spreekt een kaartje sturen per post of digitaal. Je kunt iemand ook een cadeautje geven. Of allebei: een kaartje en een cadeautje. Wat je iemand geeft is natuurlijk afhankelijk van hoe goed je diegene kent.

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Geslaagd Engels

In een kaartje geslaagd schrijf je een leuke, originele en persoonlijke tekst. Er zijn diverse teksten en quotes die je in een geslaagd kaartje kunt schrijven. Teksten en quotes in alle soorten en maten en in diverse talen, bijvoorbeeld Engels. Op deze pagina vind je diverse voorbeelden van teksten en quotes geslaagd Engels. Wanneer je een tekst van deze pagina overneemt, weet je zeker dat je een goede Engelse geslaagd tekst hebt die taalkundig klopt en geen spelfouten bevat.

Engelse kaart diploma
Bron: Greetz

Teksten in het Engels voor op een felicitatiekaart

Je kunt de tekst natuurlijk personaliseren met persoonlijke woorden, waaronder de naam van degene die geslaagd is, de datum waarop hij of zij geslaagd is, waarvoor diegene geslaagd is en je eigen naam. De reden waarom mensen kiezen voor een geslaagd tekst Engels, is omdat dit soms mooier of interessanter klinkt. Er zijn heel veel leuke, lieve, mooie, gekke, grappige, speciale, bijzondere, unieke, originele en persoonlijke geslaagd teksten en quotes in het Engels te vinden.

Geslaagd Engels
Geslaagd Engels

Teksten in het Engels geschreven

Kies een tekst of quote die jou aanspreekt maar vooral ook eentje die bij de geslaagde past. Dan zit je altijd goed. Geef je een cadeau aan de geslaagde in kwestie, dan is het leuk om de Engelse geslaagd tekst af te stemmen op het cadeau. De tekst of quote geslaagd Engels kan al iets zeggen over het cadeau waardoor iemand kan raden wat het cadeau is. Mogelijkheden en ideeën genoeg, voor ieder wat wils.

Voorbeelden van felicitatie teksten in het Engels

  •  Balloons, streamers and good food :
    Today is the day that anything goes.
    Let yourself be pampered lot ,
    because today is your graduation day!
  • Leave your worries for tomorrow
    because today is a day
    where you can wonderful party!
  • Hiep Hoi whopper ,
    You see that you can also
    This paper is awarded you wholeheartedly!
  • Congratulations!
    Your performance fills me with pride.
    I never doubted you.
  • In the beginning, try to involve different things,
    But now we are really all about you graduating .
    Well done and congratulations, we are so proud of you!
  • Congratulations on your driving license
    You have learned a hard
    Now you can feast to celebrate
    studied had enough!
  • It’s a big party today!
    There has never been such a feast
    We sing and dance with a happy smile
    and wish you a nice day!

Meer Engelse teksten om te feliciteren bij geslaagd

  1. Congratulations on your well-deserved success! Your dedication, hard work, and perseverance have truly paid off. You’ve not only earned your diploma but also showcased the determination and resilience needed to achieve great things. This milestone marks the beginning of a promising future. Bravo!
  2. Heartfelt congratulations on achieving your diploma! Your academic journey has culminated in success, proving that with dedication and intelligence, you can reach your goals. This isn’t just the end of a chapter; it’s the opening of doors to new opportunities. Enjoy this moment and take pride in your accomplishment!
  3. Congratulations, graduate! You did it! Not only have you earned your diploma, but you’ve also gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. This is the result of your determination and the ability to overcome obstacles. May the upcoming chapters in your life be as successful and rewarding as this academic one. Proud of you!
  4. Bravo on earning your diploma! Your achievement is like a magnificent artwork reflecting the effort and dedication you put into your studies. You’ve not only acquired knowledge but also forged friendships and created memories. This diploma is a testament to your capabilities and a key to a promising future. Enjoy this success and take pride in yourself!
  5. Congratulations on completing your studies and earning your diploma! Your perseverance and dedication have translated into this remarkable success. This diploma opens the door to new opportunities and challenges. May the future be filled with even more achievements and the fulfillment of your dreams. Proud of you!
  6. Heartiest congratulations on obtaining your diploma! You’ve not only learned from books but also gained valuable life lessons. Your ability to grow and learn is admirable. This diploma is proof of your resilience and intelligence. On to new challenges and successes!
  7. A sincere congratulations on earning your diploma! Your accomplishment is the result of dedication, effort, and determination. You’ve not only gained knowledge but also shaped your character. This is a significant milestone on your journey to success. Enjoy this moment; you’ve earned it!
  8. Congratulations on the successful completion of your studies and the attainment of your diploma! Your persistence and dedication have resulted in this fantastic success. This diploma opens doors to new opportunities and challenges. May the future be filled with even more accomplishments and the realization of your dreams. Proud of you!
  9. Bravo on completing your studies and earning your diploma! You’ve not only acquired academic knowledge but also developed life skills that will guide you on your further journey. This is a moment to celebrate and reflect on your incredible achievement. On to a bright future!
  10. Heartiest congratulations on earning your well-deserved diploma! You’ve not only demonstrated academic competence but also the discipline and dedication required to achieve your goals. May this success be just the beginning of a brilliant career and a fulfilling life. Well done!
  11. Congratulations on earning your diploma! You’ve proven that you’re not only intelligent but also resilient and determined. Your academic journey is filled with growth, challenges, and ultimately triumph. This is a moment to celebrate and cherish. Onward to new heights!
  12. A sincere congratulations on earning your diploma! You’ve not only reached your academic goals but also laid the foundation for a promising future. May this success be just the beginning of a series of remarkable achievements. You’ve earned it, graduate!
  13. Congratulations on the successful completion of your studies and the attainment of your diploma! Your determination and dedication have led you to this moment. This diploma represents not only an academic achievement but also personal growth. May your future be filled with more success and joyful moments. On to new adventures!
  14. Heartiest congratulations on earning your well-deserved diploma! Your efforts and dedication have translated into this beautiful success. This is a time to be proud and look forward to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Well done, graduate!
  15. Congratulations on the successful completion of your studies and the attainment of your diploma! You’ve not only gained academic knowledge but also forged friendships, gained experiences, and shaped your character. This diploma is a testimony to your hard work and intelligence.

A journey of knowledge and growth

Your journey through academia has been a testament to your thirst for knowledge and your unwavering determination. With each lecture, assignment, and exam, you have demonstrated your commitment to excellence. Today, as you hold your diploma in your hands, know that your hard work has paid off, and your future is filled with endless possibilities.

A world of opportunities awaits

With your diploma in hand, you are now equipped to embark on new adventures and pursue your dreams with confidence. Whether you choose to further your education, enter the workforce, or explore new horizons, know that the world is yours to conquer. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, and never stop reaching for the stars.

A moment of celebration and reflection

As we gather to celebrate your graduation, take a moment to reflect on the journey that has brought you to this point. Remember the late nights spent studying, the challenges you faced, and the moments of triumph that propelled you forward. Your graduation is not just a culmination of your academic achievements but a celebration of your resilience and determination.

Words of encouragement for the future

As you embark on this new chapter of your life, remember that the journey ahead may not always be easy, but it will undoubtedly be rewarding. Stay true to yourself, follow your passions, and never underestimate your abilities. With your diploma as a guiding light, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Congratulations on your graduation, and may your future be filled with success and fulfillment.

A bright future awaits

As you close this chapter of your life and open the next, know that the future is yours to shape. You have already accomplished so much, and the best is yet to come. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, for they will only make you stronger. Keep striving for greatness, and never lose sight of your dreams. Congratulations on your graduation, and may your future be as bright as your potential.

In conclusion, congratulations on your graduation! This is a momentous occasion that marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with endless opportunities. As you move forward, remember to cherish the memories you’ve made, embrace the challenges you’ll face, and always believe in yourself. Your diploma is a symbol of your hard work and determination, and it will serve as a beacon guiding you towards a future filled with success and fulfillment. Cheers to you and all that you have achieved!

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